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About Us      About Us

Sanuk Games is a global casual game publisher and developer established in 2003.
Our studio is based in Thailand and our publishing business is based in France.

We are a small team with multiple years of average experience in game development. We have shipped over 60 games on iOS, Android, Facebook, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, DS and Wii – some as a developer, some as a publisher.

As a developer, we’ve worked for Atari, Avanquest, Bigben Interactive, Eidos/Square Enix, Mindscape, Ubisoft, Sanook Online, Sony Computer Entertainment and Vivendi Games, to name a few.

As a publisher, we’ve released games on Facebook, Google Play and Apple’s AppStore, Sony’s Playstation Store, Nintendo’s eShop. We focus on bite-sized games with simple-but-addictive gameplay, and we tackle ports of existing games as well as original creations.

Check out our Facebook page to see our latest releases!

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